English at Work A2/B1

Office Communication
Knowing your way around the office in English will render your future work life much more efficient. This course is for participants who need English in their working life, e.g. for telecommunication, writing emails, reading instructions, talking to colleagues, welcoming visitors and making small talk with customers, etc. All you need for this course is a solid basic knowledge of English (four to six years at school).
The material for this course will be provided and charged extra by the teacher.

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bei 7 TN: 87 €
bei 6 TN: 102 €
bei 5 TN: 122 €

Elke Ley, Fremdsprachenkorrespondentin (Engl., Franz., Sp.) 
A440  Neu!
s. Staffelpreise (0 UStd.)
min. 5 - max. 15
Außenstelle Asbach - 02683-9120

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